Long time coming.

So, if anyone has checked this site over the past, I don’t know… we’ll just say a long time, you would have noticed I haven’t really done any Blog updates at all.  I ended up not going along with the photo a day project, not to make excuses but I just got way to busy during the summer.  I didn’t want to put up just any old random photo every day that I could take from my phone.  If I were to do this photo a day, I wanted it done right, and it became quite time consuming.

All in all I’m going to try and do some more updates over the next little while, school starts October 4th, so that will deffiantly have some interesting things coming out of it.  I will post a few photo’s in this post to show some of what I have done over the summer months, again mostly summer/action stuff, but…thats my life!



check out the new Doritos commercial contest!

Check out this video of some friends in Van that put a quick video entry into the Doritos contest.  If you like it, click the link and rate it using the star rating just under the video.  If you don’t like it, do it anyways!

Doritos Commercial

Photography Blog Update

I’ve decided to re-direct my photography Challenge to a seperate site…pretty well looks the same and nothing has changed besides the address.  The new address is www.mikekirkphotographyblog.wordpress.com.  Reason for this is I would like to use this current website as my main, portfolio based website, and have a seperate link to a seperate blog format style website for my challenge.  Keep checking back for more updates to this site!